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How to send a Quotation

Quotation: Prepare quotation during or after meeting with the client. App retains the information for later viewing or editing. Each quotation can be sent out with an attachment e.g jpg or pdf, this is a unique feature of our app. It helps user to attach a picture of their previous work as a reference or user can attach the picture of the product they want to supply with the quotation.

How to send an invoice

Invoice: Each invoice can be sent out as a pdf with a picture of the completed task, if necessary. For e.g builder finishes working on a roof, takes a picture and sends it with an attachment along with an invoice.

Invoice will have payment details on how to get paid, for e.g Baking details or link to a payment gateway, e.g. PayPal or Stripe

How to log and track business expenses

Expenses: We have built this feature to help small business keep a record of their business expense by managing record of their receipts. The app user can take a picture of the receipt once the business purchase has been made. For. e.g a PC technician buys a router in the PC world to supply his client. He/she would take a picture of the receipt and it automatically gets recorded as business expenses. This receipt can be used later as verification of purchase if the app user (buyer) needs to go back to Currys/PCWorld to exchange it. The same receipt is logged in as a business expense automatically.

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