Opportunity for Accountants

The app users who are registered with any qualified accountant can allow his/her accountant to access the business information by granting them the access to the web portal.
How it works: Within the app, the user will fill in the information of the accountant he/she is registered with and send a request to the accountant. Once the accountant receives the email, he/she will register himself with smoothbalance and access will be granted to view the record of that app user.
If the app user does not have an accountant, he/she can select an accountant from our directory. To get enlisted an accountant or bookkeeper must register with us.

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Integration with app users

App users who do not have an accountant can access a reliable accountant from the directory of the accountant for free.
Once an app user and an accountant complete their due diligence, the accountant will an access to the app user’s records via a web portal where the fundamental financial data will be ready to process and download. The accountant can view, download pdf, print and export excel format document of the app user. This is to lighten the workload for the accountant during the period of the tax return.
The web portal is designed in such a way that single accountant can view business data of multiple users. The accountant can view sent, paid, unpaid invoices and business expense record along with the attachments.

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Smoothbalance is a platform for both the app user and the accountant. Our app is designed for small businesses to send quotations, invoices, and record expenses while on the move. Our web portal is exclusively designed for the accountant to view those records. This makes both the parties life easy. The app user does not have to send the paper documents to the accountant during the tax return period, neither does the accountant have to wait for their client to send the hard copy.

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Smoothbalance is a mobile phone app for businesses but for an Accountant it is a tool to manage their client’s account. The designated accountant can view the data and process the information of their client from anywhere. Smoothbalance is a software ecosystem to integrate businesses with their accountant.

Get new customers

Any App user who does not have an accountant can find you within an App’s directory and approach you to become their accountant.

Work from your comfort

We are not an agency and do not take a percentage of your earnings. You decide how much you want to charge your client, who you want to work with and where you want to work from.

Be efficient

Our on-line portal will help you to manage your customer's data without hassle. You can view multiple client’s data at the real-time within the same portal.

Sign up with Smoothbalance in three easy steps

Registering with us is simple. After confirming eligibility, register in 3 steps:

  1. Enter your contact details
  2. Provide the regulatory body
  3. Choose the services you can provide

We will contact you once your application has been reviewed.

Are you eligible to register?

  • You must have required qualification to provide accounting services.
  • You are not employed by Smoothbalance and you will be liable for managing your own work status.

You need to meet all requirements to proceed. If you have any question, call us on 020 8133 8199