Snapshot of the App

Smoothbalance is a financial management app for sole traders, limited companies, and their accountant. The app allows users to create and send quotations and invoices and log expenses.

Smoothbalance is designed for plumbers, interior decorators, graphic designers, tree surgeons, painters and decorators, tutors, musicians, web developers, programmers, translators, electricians, network engineers, PC technician and anyone who are either self-employed or running a small business. This app is to make sure businesses are never late to send quotations, invoices or record expenses.


Concept behind the APP

Smoothbalance is developed to integrate small businesses with their accountant to reduce paperwork by managing invoices and receipts within an app.
All small businesses spend a time to manage their invoices and expenses. To arrange paperwork (invoices and receipts) small businesses will either have to arrange that paperwork himself or his/ her accountant/bookkeeper will have to spend a time to manage it. To overcome this problem, we have designed a separate web portal for an accountant to view the business record of the app user. This is an optional feature and can only be used by designated accountant of the business.

Cloud, Privacy, and Security

Smoothbalance is a cloud-based integrated software and mobile app for small businesses. Smoothbalance will keep your Quotes, Invoices and record of your business expenses as well as your client details (address book) on a secure cloud server so that you can access and manage your business more efficiently. The data stored in the cloud is accessible via any web device using an internet browser.